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Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum review: Two-in-one sweeping and mopping with turbo power

Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor on
Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum review Two-in-one sweeping and mopping with Turbo power zdnet

Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum

8.2 / 5

pros and cons

  • Good obstacle avoidance
  • Easy to connect with app
  • Mopping function can be patchy

The Dreame Bot L10 robot vacuum is aptly named. Unobtrusive, fairly quiet yet powerful, and automatic, you hardly know it's there.

This new robot vacuum, which was just launched, is really powerful with a maximum suction power of 4,000Pa when fully charged and in turbo mode. It has a LIDAR module on the top of the robot -- yet it never became stuck during the time I trialed it.

Its dustbin is 570ml in size -- which is larger than dustbins on Roborock and Ecovacs models, and it has a decent sized water tank at 270ml capacity.

The dustbin is easy to empty, and the roller brush does not seem to get too tangled up with long hair. It avoids obstacles, carefully navigating its way around them. Even a glass of wine on the floor fortunately remained untouched.

The Dreame Bot L10 Pro uses the Xiomi Home app and the robot connects easily to the app. The app can configure settings such as the cleaning schedule, zones to clean, cleaning power, mopping water volume, and sets virtual walls and boundaries.

You can also store maps from different floors and set zones to clean. The zones are alphabetically labelled and it is not possible to rename these to a more suitable name. However, you can configure some zones to be swept or mopped twice instead of once.

The robot is responsive in the app and the robot voice is pleasant and gives accurate information. You can control the robot manually with your voice assistant if you prefer. LIDAR means that the robot always knows where its charging dock is and will quickly return.

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It has a big battery of 5,200mAh giving the Dreame Bot L10 Pro a long runtime of over two hours -- or a cleaning area of around 250 square metres on a full charge. You can elect to clean the floor area once or twice -- depending on how dirty it is, or to get a more thorough clean.

When it detects low battery it returns to the dock, charges and then goes back purposefully to the last place it cleaned to commence cleaning again.

It is rated at 65dBA on minimum power -- which is pretty quiet considering its suction power. It is not too loud even on turbo power. Although you can hear the noise, it is not grating.

The motor is smooth and well balanced, and after a time you do not notice it. The robot wheels do not squeak and it is easy to forget that it is in use.

The mop is adequate -- and will service your daily mopping needs well. The app lets you set no-mop zones which will only be cleaned when the robot is not connected to its mopping module.

Although I evenly wet the mopping cloth, in use, the mopped area indicated that the right hand side of the mopped track was not as wet as the left hand side.

However, after about 20 minutes of mopping both sides of the mop wetted the floor evenly. If you have dirty floors, or areas of grime, you will need to scrub the floor before using the wipe-over with the mop.

All in all, at $359.49 (including a $20 coupon off) the Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum is a nice robot vacuum.

Its obstacle avoidance is excellent and its suction power is very good. If you need a two-in-one mopping and sweeping robot with voice control, scheduling and object avoidance then take a look at the Dreame Bot L10 Pro.