Amazon Prime Day 2018 could bring voice e-commerce inflection point

Amazon will surely sell a lot of Alexa-powered devices on Prime Day 2018, but also watch for Alexa as a ordering vehicle.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Prime Day will be about more than deals and one of the biggest e-commerce days of the year. It'll really be about voice.

Last year's Prime Day help seed what turned out to be an Alexa everywhere strategy that put multiple Echos in homes. The Christmas shopping season furthered Amazon's Alexa carpet bomb plan.

With Prime Day kicking off Monday it's worth noting that Amazon's Echo Look and Echo Show are likely to garner a lot of interest and sales. Keep in mind that Amazon is pushing its own brands throughout Prime Day. Amazon's private label brands, Whole Foods and Alexa devices are all going to be part of good deals.

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Thus far Amazon is planning the following for pushing Alexa devices:

  • Save $30 on Echo Spot at $99.99
  • Save $30 on Echo (Second Generation) at $69.99
  • Save $20 on Echo Dot Kids Edition at $59.99
  • Save $100 on Echo Look at $99.99
  • Save $100 on Echo Show at $129.99

Given that Echo Show just became generally available look for Amazon to add video, Alexa and voice into homes. As we noted previously, voice--either through Prime Day devices or actual shopping--will likely be one of the bigger themes to watch.

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So you have two sides of the Amazon voice equation. On one side, Amazon will be pushing Alexa-powered devices. In addition, Amazon will be encouraging e-commerce through Alexa. Walker Sands has projected that as much as 19 percent of consumers may place orders via Alexa.

Cowen & Co. also highlighted how Alexa use cases are proliferating. Cowen estimates that 35 percent of Echo owners made a purchase via Alexa.


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Prime Day 2018 is likely to move the needle on those figures.

It's unclear whether Amazon Prime Day can continue to be the biggest e-commerce sales event year after year, but the inflection point in voice interfaces may be here. In the enterprise, this focus on voice is already accelerating. Alexa for Business and enterprise software vendors are focusing on voice interfaces.

Should Alexa cement its commerce chops the service will be tough to beat at home or office or even enterprise apps.

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