Apple wants you to think different for the holidays

In its new holiday ad, Cupertino is encouraging its customers not only to create, but to share. It almost sounds like Facebook.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer
Being creative is hard. Especially at Christmas. (Screenshot by ZDNet)

You know you have a book inside you.

Or a play, a movie, or even a series of witty limericks about the Mueller investigation.

You might, though, be shy about letting anyone see your work.

What if they hate it? What if they really hate it? Living with embarrassment is one of this world's most difficult challenges.

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Apple, however, wants you to take the risk. Its new ad for the Holidays shows you how easy it is.

You sit staring at your MacBook for hours on end. Finally, you print out your great oeuvre.

Next, you, throw yourself down on your bed and torture yourself about how awful it is. So you put it away in a nice box and go back your dreary job.

But you don't give up, even as the snow falls and your apartment freezes over like an average Congressperson's heart.

You go back to creating, you print some more and then, well, you put it all back in the box.

Then comes the magic. You have to make sure you have a large, clumsy dog who manages to cause your great work to float out the box and out of your apartment all the way down the street.

There, random people will pick up the pages of your work and discover your talent. No, none of them is an online troll. Those people never go out.

As the random people begin to see your talent, you begin to realize they like it, they really like it.

And that feeling is one of the best of all.

The whole ad is beautifully put together. You root for the animated creator. She's your ideal self, after all.

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She thinks different -- out of the box, dare I say. She creates and finds an appreciative audience.

The message "Share Your Gifts" does have a tinge of Facebook about it, but one imagines she isn't creating fake election propaganda.

Apple hasn't always been so uplifting and original with its Holiday ads. Last year's effort was a tawdry affair, as two strangers met, shared two AirPods and danced away down the street. Yes, your average Friday night in San Jose.

Perhaps the most glorious effort came in 2013, with the tale of a teen, apparently absorbed in himself and his phone, who creates a wonderful surprise for his family.

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You know now what you must do. Sit, create and become known and loved.

Is there any other way to be happy these days?

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