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The best of the Prime Day phone deals for business on Amazon.

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Flagship smartphones today are priced from $800 to more than $1,000, but you can find some great phones from 2018 and early 2019 that will still satisfy most of your business needs. With Amazon's Prime Day deals, you can save even more on excellent phones from Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, and Razer that are unlocked and ready to use around the world.

Best smartphones and mobile deals

LG G8 ThinQ (Only $499.99, $350 off)

The LG G8 ThinQ, see our full review, may be one of the most underrated phones of 2019. It offers a fantastic amount of functionality, including a brilliant OLED screen, microSD expansion card slot, IP68 dust and water-resistant rating, wireless charging, amazing haptics, and more. It also includes Amazon Alexa integration, and it's tough to beat at just $500.

Samsung Note 9 Factory Unlocked (28% to 35% off)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, see our full review, remains my current favorite Galaxy device with the fantastic S Pen experience, big battery, and new Samsung One UI powering the experience. There are some great deals on various internal storage capacities, and while a new Note 10 is being announced next month, you can take advantage of some serious savings on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Factory Unlocked (24% to 30% off)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, see our full review, is Samsung's best smartphone available today with three rear cameras, two front cameras, a stunning 6.4 inch Super AMOLED screen, long battery life, and even the capability to charge up other devices wirelessly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Factory Unlocked (26% to 30% off)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is similar to the S10 Plus, but with a slightly smaller size. It has the same great five-camera setup, wireless charging capability, high level of water resistance, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Factory Unlocked (24% to 27% off)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, see our full review, is the smallest new Galaxy S10 device with a single side button that also serves as a fingerprint sensor. It loses the rear telephoto camera, but still has a standard and wide-angle lens for high-end mobile photography. It's priced a couple hundred less than the S10 Plus and with these Amazon Prime Day deals it can be found at an even better price.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Factory Unlocked (30% to 36% off)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, see our full review, was one of the best smartphones of 2018, and when you can save hundreds on it this year it is still an excellent option to consider. It packs an amazing display, has excellent wireless reception, a 3.5mm headset jack, a microSD expansion card, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Factory Unlocked (35% to 42% off)

The Samsung Galaxy S9, see our full review, is a bit smaller than the S9 Plus while still offering all of the same superior Galaxy legacy features. It's now an affordable alternative to the new 2019 smartphones with the latest Android OS powering the experience.

Motorola Z3 Play and Moto Smart Speaker (45% off)

The Moto Z3 Play, see the CNET review, is a decent low-cost phone that should last you at least a couple of days or about the length of this Prime Day deal.

Motorola Z3 Play and Moto Power Pack (40% off)

The Moto Z3 Play, see the CNET review, is a decent low-cost phone that should last you at least a couple of days or about the length of this Prime Day deal. The Power Pack adds some extra battery life too.

Razer Phone 2 (50% off)

The Razer Phone 2, see the CNET review, is a serious gaming phone with a 120Hz screen, IP67 water resistance, outstanding gaming performance with stereo speakers, and more. If you need a break from work and want an affordable portable platform, then you might consider this phone.

Google Pixel 3 XL (29% off)

The Google Pixel 3 XL, see our full review, remains Google's most powerful Android smartphone available today. It has the latest and greatest version of the OS and arguably the best smartphone camera. Its successor will likely be announced in the next couple of months, but this phone will continue to get updates for a couple more years too.

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