Best smartphone case for the beach

Sand, water, salt spray, rocks. Surviving the beach presents unique challenges for both smartphones and smartphone cases.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Summer is here again, and quite a few of you have asked me for my thoughts on the best smartphone case for the beach.

Best smartphone case for the beach

Kona drybag

The beach is a harsh place for a smartphone. All that sand, water, and salt spray, any of which can wreak your smartphone. Then there are rocks that can put an impressive scratch on your screen in no time at all.

You might love the beach, but your smartphone doesn't.

Cases such as LifeProof are great, but for beach use I see a few issues:

  • If you don't keep your smartphone in the case all the time, inserting and removing it is a huge hassle
  • If you have a case already, you'll have to remove it, which is another hassle
  • You're going to spend ages getting sand out of all the little ports on the case
  • High-end cases are only available for select smartphones (usually the iPhone and high-end Samsung, LG and Motorola handsets)
  • High-end cases are expensive for occasional use

In my experience, a far better alternative to a case is a drybag for your smartphone that features a clear panel so you can still use the phone. Another advantage of a drybag is that they are easy to clean when you're done, and they fit a variety of devices (so you don't have to buy a new bag when you get a new smartphone).

There are a number of good brands available, one such brand being Kona. these drybags are made of tough PVC and waterproof to 100 feet. They're also big enough for your credit card, cash, and car keys too.

And the nice thing is that you can pick up one of these drybags for about $10.

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