CES: ​LG to showoff 65-inch rollable OLED display

LG Display will be showing off a 65-inch "rollable" display with UHD resolution this week.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

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LG Display will be unveiling a 65-inch "rollable" display with Ultra High Definition resolution at CES, the company announced.

The company will also show off a 55-inch transparent display and a 77-inch wallpaper concept TV that will show the "advantages of OLED," the company said. LG first showed off the wallpaper model last year.


LG's 65-inch rollable display can rolled down to hide it. Image: LG Display.

LG display first announced the development of an 18-inch "rollable" display back in 2015 but this is the first time the company will show it off in public.

The 66-inch prototype boasts UHD 3840x2160 resolution and will allow consumers to roll it up when not viewing them, allowing for easy removable and easy installation, LG Display said.

LG will also be showing off an 88-inch 8K resolution OLED display at CES.

Last year, the firm successfully developed a 77-inch transparent OLED display.

Compatriot Samsung is set to show off new 8K resolution QLED TVs, as well as a 150-inch Micro LED TV at the trade show.

LG has been leading the way in large-sized and mid-sized OLED displays for TV, auto-components and lighting.

In small-sized displays, Samsung and LG's position is reversed as the former controls over 90 percent of the market in OLED display for smartphones.


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