Debian, Kali Linux distributions now available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is making good on its promise from a year ago to make more Linux distributions available from the Microsoft Store for use on Windows 10's subsystem for Linux.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

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Microsoft promised months ago that Windows 10 users would be able to install and run multiple Linux distributions side-by-side on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Over the past few days, Microsoft has been making good on that commitment.

At its Build 2017 conference last year, Microsoft officials said they planned to add support for more Linux distributions and make them available to download from the Windows Store (now rebranded as the Microsoft Store).

As of late February, Kali Linux was added to the Microsoft Store. And, on March 6, officials said that Debian GNU/Linux also is now available for download from the Store.

In June last year, Microsoft made available SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and openSUSE available from the Windows Store.

Update: A reader asked about Fedora availability. From this thread in late 2017, it sounds like there were/are some unresolved "technical issues" blocking its release so far in the Microsoft Store.

In 2016, Microsoft announced that it would allow users to the Linux Bash utilities natively on Windows 10 via a new subsystem for Linux. Last year, Microsoft announced the Windows Subsystem for Linux would be coming to Windows Server, as well, in order to enable developers and admins to use the same scripts, tools, and container images that they've been using for Linux containers on their Windows Server container hosts using Hyper-V isolation.

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