Five take on Microsoft CE

Microsoft today named five OEMs who will deploy its Windows CE, formerly known as Pegasus, operating system in new handhelds.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

Casio, Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Philips and LG Electronics (formerly Goldstar) will announce their PDAs at November's influential Comdex trade show in Las Vegas. Compaq is also said to be developing a CE-based handheld in time for Comdex. Casio was silent about its handheld project, revealing only that the device would surface in November.

Hewlett-Packard was also tight-lipped, saying it was waiting for a briefing from its handheld development headquarters in Japan. A spokesman for HP said he doubted any other vendors would produce similar palmtops at Comdex. "I don't think anyone else has been working so closely with Microsoft on this," he said.

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