How much will 1.5TB of RAM for your Mac Pro actually cost?

Apple's new Mac Pro has the capability for a whopping 1.5TB of RAM. But a lot of people have no idea how much this amount of RAM would cost. Let me tell you, but you'd better take a seat.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

The new Mac Pro

Apple's new Mac Pro can accommodate a whopping 1.5TB of RAM. But how much will that much RAM cost you? Take a seat while we find out!

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The 1.5TB will be spread across a dozen 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM sticks. As you can imagine this isn't your normal run-of-the-mill RAM that you can just pick up from anywhere. And they're not cheap.

Some of the best pricing I can find puts these 128GB RAM sticks at about $1,500. Yes, each.

So right there you're looking at a cool $18,000 just for the RAM.

And bear in mind that this is some of the best RAM pricing I can find. Apple pricing is likely to be higher, so the bill for 1.5TB of RAM could come to over $20,000.

The new Mac Pro is a monster of a system, and it wouldn't surprise me if the total bill for a fully kitted out rig came to around $50,000.

Then if you want to hook that monster Mac Pro to six Pro Display XDR displays, compete with their $999 stands (yes, that price is just for the stand), that'll cost you another $43,000.

A full set up could cost $100,000.

That's a lot of money. But it's also a lot of hardware. And it can do a lot of work.

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