iPhone 11 could spell the end for the Lightning port

Goodbye Lightning, hello USB-C?
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

As developers -- and the curious -- trawl through the iOS 13 beta, it seems that some quite interesting secrets are tumbling out. One tidbit is the hint that Apple could be getting ready to drop the Lightning port and switch over to the USB-C standard with the iPhone 11.

This could be a good move.

Here's what Raphaël Mouton discovered:

Now, what's interesting is that Apple has changed the image to show the connector going into the Mac to be USB-C and not the older USB-A connector. This makes sense since the new Macs only have USB-C ports.

But there are also plenty of rumors circulating that Apple is planning a complete switch over to USB-C. There's also regulatory pressure from the EU on Apple to dump the proprietary connector and make the switch to USB-C.  

Apple has also filed a patent for a totally different kind of port.

Apple has already kitted out the new iPad Pro with USB-C, allowing it to have broader functionality. Making the switch to the standard on the iPhone would also make sense because it would bring with it a whole raft of new features. For example, it could pave the way for faster charging and faster wired data transfer rates (for those who still connect their iPhones to anything using a cable).

It would also allow for the iPhone to be connected to gadgets such as storage devices and camera, improving workflow for professionals who rely on their iPhone as their main device when out and about.

It's unlikely that Apple choosing to kit out the iPad Pro with a USB-C port was a one-off. It was more likely a trial balloon for things to come.

It's not a matter of if, but when.

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Is it time for Apple to retire the Lightning port, or does it have more year in it? Let me know below!

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