Rejoice Mac Mini pro fans: Apple hasn't forgotten you

Apple will reportedly launch a Mac mini aimed at developers and the server set. Tech pros like David Gewirtz will be stoked.

What would it take for Apple to turn the Mac mini into a Mac mini Pro?

Apple reportedly hasn't forgotten about the tech pros that want Macs. Enter the Mac Mini desktop for developers and the do-it-yourself home server types.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is plotting its first update to the Mac Mini in four years. The Mac Mini is a little desktop sans monitor and keyboard. Apple has been betting that an iMac Pro and MacBook Pro can satisfy tech pros, but a better rounded lineup is in order.

For Apple, a new Mac Mini could help juice the Mac lineup. Apple did launch new MacBook Pros, but let's get real: The company is focused on the iPhone, services and Apple Watch. A new Mac Mini can also resonate with the education market where Google's Chromebooks are the big dog.

While the Mac Mini will be key for some folks like David Gewirtz, who just can't stop dreaming about the small desktop, the headliner in the Mac camp will be a new low-cast notebook that'll rhyme with the current MacBook Air.

Should professionals keep banking on the Mac?

Apple is likely to launch the new Macs after its big iPhone event where it's expected to outline three models.

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