Samsung tweets from an iPhone (331 times)

We've all learned from the tech gaffes of the past, haven't we? It appears not.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer
Oh dear.

Things are different these days.

We've learned from the formative years of tech. We've come to understand that, as we raced along with the wind in our inventive sails, we occasionally blundered.

We moved fast, broke things and occasionally embarrassed ourselves. The embarrassment never lasted long, though. We love ourselves too much for that.

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One of the favorites over the years was celebrities being paid by one brand, yet tweeting from their iPhones.

It seems our learning in this area has been slow. For now we have reached an apex of sorts: Samsung just tweeted from an iPhone.

Yes, Samsung's official Twitter account in Nigeria offered enthusiastic encouragement for followers to enjoy the Galaxy Note 9's SuperAMOLED display. From its iPhone's inferior, who knows, perhaps even startlingly inferior display.

The tweet was spotted by famed web video producer and gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee.

I contacted Samsung for its view and will update, should I get an iMessage.

Still, this is truly a fine item to add to what is now quite a collection.

A classic was Alicia Keys. She tweeted from her iPhone while she was BlackBerry's creative director. She claimed a hack. Many claimed they didn't believe her.

This isn't the first time Samsung has been involved in making a similar mistake. Who could forget tennis star David Ferrer telling his almost 370,000 followers how much he loved his Samsung Galaxy S4.

He was, perhaps, in such a hurry to tweet of this love that he did it from an iPhone.

Oh, and then there was Maroon 5's Adam Levine selling Samsung's Milk Music service by calling for a "ceremonial iPhone burning." This burning desire was also tweeted from an iPhone.

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And I'd almost forgotten Samsung's brand ambassador in Russia, Ksenia Sobchak, who's now being reportedly sued by the company after using an iPhone X live on air.

It was one thing when individuals were doing it, though. When the company itself is the culprit it does seem painfully careless and a troubling reflection on the brand.

The churlish might insist this merely shows how easy the iPhone is to use.

I fear, though, that someone around the Samsung Nigeria Twitter account might be receiving a large rap on their tweeting knuckles.

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You see, an analysis by Luca Hammer shows that 331 of the Samsung Nigeria's last 3,200 tweets were sent from an iPhone.

"Most of them last year," he offers reassuringly.

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