Teradata puts Vantage analytics platform on Google Cloud, launches customer experience, analyst versions

Vantage is key to the company's Teradata Everywhere strategy and ability to compete with a wide range of analytics players.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Teradata said its Vantage analytics platform will be available on Google Cloud Platform, in a move that makes its software available on all three major cloud providers. Teradata also updated its Vantage platform to focus on customer experience as well as business analysts.

Vantage, which aims to unify analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses, was already available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. In addition, Teradata said it will add native support for low-cost cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob and ultimately Google Cloud Storage. The low-cost storage for Vantage is in private preview now, with general availability in the first half of 2020.

Under the Google Cloud Platform partnership, Teradata will manage Vantage software for customers as well as the cloud storage and compute under it. Teradata Vantage on GCP will be available in 2020, with a private preview in the first half. Meanwhile, Teradata is launching a Hadoop migration program to garner more workloads for Vantage.

The move by Teradata highlights how the company is moving more toward a consumption and pay-as-you-go model. Teradata made its name as a data warehouse player but faces competition from cloud providers as well as companies like Snowflake and Cloudera.

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Vantage falls under what the company calls its Teradata Everywhere strategy. Teradata is repositioning itself with its customer base and developing more tools to connect data across clouds. Teradata during its analyst day last year highlighted the Vantage architecture, which now includes more cloud storage options.


Separately, Teradata launched Vantage Customer Experience (CX), an analytics suite focused on customer growth, retention, satisfaction, and growing revenue. Vantage CX is designed for the broader business user and aims to be a cloud data platform (CDP) that doesn't require coding.

Vantage CX aggregates customer data, provides analytics for marketers and business users and enables cross channel and interaction analysis.

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Teradata also launched Vantage Analyst, which revolves around machine learning and simplifying data science tools for a broader audience. Vantage Analyst runs analytics with a point-and-click interface.

Vantage Analyst includes iteration and hypothesis testing as well as machine learning-powered visualizations without coding. Business analysts will also have self-service data tools, modular process workflows, and sharing of results and best practices.

According to Teradata, Vantage Analytics has features called Path, which surfaces actionable insights; Text, focused on sentiment analysis and patterns; Cluster, which offers data segmentation; Lab, for exploring data; Model for predictive analytics; and Workflow for repeatable processes.

Vantage Customer Experience is in limited availability wit general availability in the first quarter. Vantage Analyst is available now with additional features being added by end of the year.

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