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These smart toilet sensors provide health data before you flush

You can check your health every time you use the bathroom for the cool price of $500. See the new toilet sensors announced at CES 2023.
Written by Rebecca Isaacs, Staff Writer
Reviewed by Amy Lieu

We all have to hit the bathroom -- that's a fact, and if you've had to head to your annual checkup, chances are the nurse has passed you that urine cup to check your health stats. For those less minded to schedule that annual exam, two companies at CES announced they are launching their own at-home urine tests that you can plug right into your toilet and monitor your health data.

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Withings adds a toilet bowl sensor to its health lineup

First, Withings announced its launch of U-Scan, a palm-sized scanner that attaches straight into your toilet's bowl. Two cartridges will be available to check various stats: a nutrition and metabolic tracker that checks pH, ketone, vitamin C levels, and more; and a second one to help track women's luteinizing hormone for ovulation cycles. Each promise early detection of potential health issues.

Withings U-Scan toilet urine sensor

Just add a cartridge, download the app, hit the restroom, and you can see your health data in a few minutes.


The U-Scan attaches best to the front of the toilet, and it can sense whether it's been in contact with urine or toilet water. Cartridges last three months, and it can even differentiate between your urine and any guests based on various factors like distance and speed of the flow. The accompanying app allows consumers to check the health stats straight from their smartphone -- no meddling with the toilet bowl sensor needed.

It's awaiting FDA approval in the U.S. right now, so it's not available yet. The European market will see it hit markets later this year for 500 euros later this year.

Vivoo also breaks into the smart toilet scene too

The second smart toilet feature comes from Vivoo, a urine test company that's expanding into the market aimed at residential caring and healthcare markets due to its ergonomic design. Unlike the U-Scan, the Vivoo attaches via the toilet seat hollow to also bring the lab straight to your bathroom.

"The toilet's ergonomic design -- created with user experience at its heart -- coupled with the moving urine strip will allow users to conveniently receive personalized well-being and nutritional advice, giving them the opportunity to take control over their own health and wellness via the recommendations provided by the Vivoo App," says Miray Tayfun, co-founder and CEO of Vivoo.

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Because it's ergonomic, the urine strip is automatically analyzed within 90 seconds via an optical reader contained within the seat. And, if you're concerned the data might be off, the sensors used in these tests have been "underpinned by over 7,500 scientific articles, fact-checked by doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists," according to Vivoo.

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This isn't the first time Vivoo has worked with health data, as the company's claim to fame is at-home urine test strips that also transmit the data straight to your smartphone. No word yet on a price or a launch date, but expect it to release later this year.

These smart toilet announcements are just two announcements from major companies that are at CES 2023 this year. We're also on the ground covering some of the biggest announcements over the next week. If you missed out on Day 1, the conference saw major reveals from Samsung, LG, and more. Keep checking back throughout the day and tomorrow to see more major announcements from more major companies including Asus, HP, and more.

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