Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad T490s, Honor 20, and more: Reviews round-up

From Apple's powerful MacBook refresh to high-quality headsets and a robot cleaner, here's the kit we got our hands on in July.
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Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro (2019)

It's somewhat redundant to point out that the 15-inch MacBook Pro is seriously expensive, as that's simply par for the course with Apple. But, thankfully, it's also powerful enough to justify that price and ensure that it earns its keep when you're on the road. And, as always, the slimline and lightweight design of the MacBook Pro is in a class of its own.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T490s

Build quality and portability are attractions, while long battery life and rapid charge support are real deal-makers. However, users of graphics-heavy apps should note that there's no discrete GPU option, and if you want premium features such as a WQHD screen, a 1TB hard drive, or the new ThinkPad Pro dock, you'll end up with a hefty price tag.

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3 of 16 Fujitsu

Fujitsu Tablet Lifebook U939X

Fujitsu's Tablet Lifebook U939X is a lovely little convertible laptop. Its compact size and light weight make it very portable, and the chargeable stylus in its own housing is a big plus. The array of ports and connectors is very impressive, and Fujitsu has even provided two webcams. Downsides? Flexibility in the screen and wrist-rest, and disappointing speakers.

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Honor 20

The Honor 20 series, launched in the spring, comprises three handsets, including the mid-range £399.99 Honor 20. It's a competent mid-range smartphone that stands up well to similarly priced competition. The Huawei connection is the only factor that might give prospective users pause for thought.

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Philips Brilliance 329P9H

It's expensive for an office monitor, but the large 4K display of the Brilliance 329P9H is well suited for presentations, video editing and graphics work. However, its greatest strength is the versatility of its built-in USB-C dock, which will appeal to any business user who works with both a desktop and laptop PC in their office.

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Thinkware Q800Pro–unobtrusive, with great tracking features via the cloud zdnet
6 of 16 Thinkware

Thinkware Q800Pro

The Q800Pro is great value for its sub-$300 price tag. Get yourself the optional rear view camera for under $100 too for front and rear protection, configure geo-fencing zones and alerts, and make sure the phone in the car has its hotspot enabled. You can then sit back and relax knowing that your car is as protected as possible with this very unobtrusive device.

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7 of 16 Alun Taylor/ZDNet

Chuwi MiniBook

There's little doubt that the MiniBook does everything that a larger laptop of similar specification can do, despite all of the components being squeezed into such a small package. If your laptop spends most of its time hooked up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse via a USB-C hub, and is only used out and about for media consumption and light productivity, then the MiniBook's small form factor makes sense.

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8 of 16 Toshiba

Dynabook Tecra A50 EC 11H

The Tecra A50 isn't a 'special' laptop in any way. It's neither ultra-thin nor ultra-light, and it has a humdrum Full-HD 15.6-inch screen. It's designed to do a job, and to do that effectively. The inclusion of a number pad on the keyboard, legacy and forward-looking ports, and a solid build are all significant plus points. 

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Chuwi LapBook Plus

There's no denying the quality of its 4K (if not HDR) display, but equally, there's no denying that this machine is badly hamstrung by its puny Atom chipset. If it had a Core M chip or even a Celeron N4100 we'd recommend it, despite the lack of a USB-C port and poor battery life. As it is, we'd rather have either the LapBook SE or AeroBook from Chuwi. 

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10 of 16 Logitech

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is comfortable to wear, and its controls are easy to understand and use. Audio quality is good across all the different use cases, and we got as good an experience when working as when at leisure. A hard case for transportation would be appreciated, though.

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11 of 16 Sennheiser

Sennheiser MB 360 UC

There's a significant market for headsets that can double up for work and leisure. On the all-important metric of sound quality, the Sennheiser MB 360 UC scores highly. Battery life is good, too. We found both fit and usability a little suspect but others may disagree, so try before you buy. 

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12 of 16 palmsolo/ZDNet

Jaybird Vista

While the Jaybird Vista is optimised for sports use, they also work flawlessly for the commuter, business traveler, or anyone else looking for a great quality, fully wireless earbud experience. Video playback is flawless, with the ability to customise the audio experience for various scenarios being a huge selling point for the Vista.

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13 of 16 palmsolo/ZDNet

Garmin Edge 530

The Garmin Edge 530 is a solid bike computer for commuters, road bikers, and mountain bikers. With the easy mounting system and various mount options, it is also easy to move the pair of devices around between different bike platforms.

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AmpliFi Instant System

If you want better coverage and more sophisticated options for home or business use, the Netgear Orbi is a better choice. But the AmpliFi Instant System is a basic budget option for simple mesh wi-fi that should satisfy many less-demanding users.

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15 of 16 Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb is an easy recommendation. It's affordable, reliable, and integrates with other services without any issues. $70 is the total cost for a Wyze Cam V2 security camera, a Wyze Sense starter kit, and four Wyze Bulbs. A similar setup from Ring, Nest, or even Samsung would cost hundreds of dollars, not counting the monthly subscription fees.

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ILife Shinebot W400 floor washing robot–for everyone who hates washing floors
16 of 16 ILife

ILife Shinebot W400

This is not an automated robot cleaner. You need to lift the robot off its charging station each time you want to use it, fill it with water, and take it to the area you want to have cleaned. But this is a superb addition to any home or office with hard flooring — and if you hate washing floors — and have $250 to spare, go and buy one of these. You will not be disappointed.

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