CES 2019: The best tech, gadgets on show (so far)

These are the most interesting gadgets on display at CES 2019 including smart home systems, monitors, and more. Check back during the week for updates.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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BFGD gaming displays

Nvidia took to the stage at CES to introduce big format gaming displays, otherwise known as BFGDs.

A kind of display format which professional gamers are likely to take a keen interest in, BFGDs -- created in conjunction with partners including HP, ASUS, and Acer -- are 65-inch models with 4K 120Hz HDR displays, Nvidia G-SYNC, the Nvidia Shield streaming service, as well as variable refresh rate technologies.

HP has already announced its version of a BFG screen, the $5000 HP Omen X Emperium, and more vendors are expected to follow suit in coming days.

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Via: Nvidia


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Samsung's 219-inch The Wall display

Samsung Electronics took to the stage at CES to showcase both 75 and 219-inch versions of "The Wall;" featuring a MicroLED modular display made up of microscopic red, green and blue led chips designed to vastly improve standard display qualities that we are used to seeing today.

A 164-inch singular model was showcased last year but according to Samsung, improvements in semiconductor packaging has allowed the company to both increase and shrink displays from the original size.


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Asus Lyra Voice

The Asus Lyra Voice is an interesting combination of smart speaker and mesh Wi-Fi solution, the latter of which is used to expand wireless coverage and connectivity in your home. The $220 Lyra Voice can act as an AiMesh router, node, a standalone router, or universal Wi-Fi repeater, and also comes with an integrated Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

The device will be in stores by the end of the month.

Via: Asus


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Zoetic's Kiki

Zoetic's Kiki appeared at CES this year. The rather cute robot assistant, compatible with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, could be considered a modern version of the Tamagotchi: love it, and it loves you back.

The robot is described as a pet that enjoys interaction, cuddles, and being carried around. A collection of sensors, a microphone, app integration, camera, and 360-degree motors allow it to interact with its owner -- and every action builds a collection of data which shapes Kiki's personality.

Via: Zoetic


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Samsung Notebook Odyssey

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey is a worthwhile addition to CES 2019's lineup. Samsung's latest gaming offering is equipped with a 15.6-inch Full HD display, Intel 8th generation i7 processor, Nvidia G-SYNC, Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage or 1TB HDD storage options.

The gaming laptop will be available in the US in the coming months but there is no word on pricing yet.

Via: Samsung


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Matrix PowerWatch 2

It can be frustrating when you are out on your daily travels and realize you have forgotten to charge your watch; but with this product, you never need to.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 uses thermoelectric and solar cell technology to charge -- in other words, your own body heat and the sun will keep it powered up. The product is compatible with Apple and Google platforms.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 will ship over summer for $499, but Indiegogo backers can pick up a watch for a substantial discount.

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Sony Z9G Master Series

Sony is a vendor which frequently launches new televisions at CES and this year is no exception. Behold the Z9G Master Series LCD, a television which comes in 85 and 98-inch models at 8K resolution. We might not have 8K footage to enjoy on these screens as of yet, but if you want to invest in the hardware beforehand, expect to spend thousands of dollars.

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LaCie Mobile Drives

LaCie has brought a new selection of products to the storage space over the course of CES 2019. The compact, mobile SSD offerings, simply called LaCie Mobile Drives, offer up to 5TB storage and USB-C compatibility. 

Via: LaCie

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Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The world of IoT and smart security solutions has gained traction in recent years with companies including Ring, Amazon, and Skybell all offering doorbell systems which also act as home security products.

Netatmo has now joined the space with its Smart Video Doorbell, a stylish 1080p Full HD camera-equipped and Apple HomeKit/IFTTT-compatible doorbell system. The product uses sensors to monitor your home for outside activity or visitors, is able to send alerts, and permits remote video and microphone-based communication between homeowners and visitors. 

To separate this offering from others, Netatmo is also offering free cloud storage for video footage.

Via: Netatmo 

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The HTC VIVE Pro Eye is the latest addition to HTC's virtual reality (VR) lineup. Pro Eye is a new headset with built-in eye tracking, designed to eradicate the need for controllers completely. This level of control might not only improve general VR usage and accessibility but also make VR more valuable in business environments.

The headset is due to launch in Q2 2019.

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Gourmia all-in-one air fryer

A product on display at CES 2019 and one which may capture the interest of cooking enthusiasts is the Gourmia all-in-one air fryer, which also acts as a rotisserie and dehydrator.

The smart appliance can be connected to and controlled by a mobile app -- either iOS or Android -- as well as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Through the app, users can remotely choose cooking modes, temperatures and times, receive alerts, and search for recipes.

Via: Gourmia 

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The Lunecase, showcased at CES 2019, is an interesting spin on your typical iPhone or Samsung smartphone case. A gadget which may appeal to those who prefer to keep their mobile devices on silent, the case uses Bluetooth to light up when an incoming call or text message is received. 

Via: Lunecase

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Decora Voice Dimmer

Leviton's Decora Voice Dimmer with Alexa debuted at CES 2019. The gadget is the latest addition to the firm's smart lighting range and is a switch which combines full-range dimming and control through both the My Leviton app and Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Via: Leviton

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The microSNAP is an interesting two-seater concept car developed by Luxoft and Rinspeed which made its debut at CES 2019. 

The concept vehicle focuses on autonomous driving technologies, assisted driving, and connecting transport to a driver's digital lifestyle and mobile services.  

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TP-Link Archer AX6000

As our thirst for online gaming and content streaming increases, tech vendors are pushing out more and more routers for our needs. 

One such product showcased at CES this year is TP-Link's Wi-Fi 6 Archer AX6000 router, an attractive product which supports 1148 Mbps (2.4GHz band) and up to 4804 Mbps on the 5GHz band. 

TP-Link says the router is suitable for heavy bandwidth tasks, such as ultra-HD 4K video streaming and gaming. 

Via: TP-Link

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IronWolf 110 SATA SSD

NAS setups can be found in both homes and enterprises worldwide, and in the latter case, Seagate has revealed purpose-built SSD hardware for NAS systems.

The IronWoolf 110 is a SATA drive with capacities up to 3.48TB with read/write speeds of up to 7000 TBW.

Via: Seagate

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Nevo Butler

Universal Electronics has introduced a new smart home controller called the Nevo Butler. The product is the firm's answer to an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, containing a voice-assistant system which has been designed with Pay-TV users in mind as it is able to give users the option to find content through vocal commands without the need to upgrade current equipment.

The nevo.ai digital assistant also represents a push to introduce cross-compatible controls for IoT devices outside of the current dominance of Amazon and Google. An interesting feature is the inclusion of pre-built, general commands which can be used even when the Internet is down.

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An audio offering from LG this year at CES is a new product in the XBOOM lineup, the mini (CL98), which is a 3,500W speaker system designed for robust sound in a small package. 

The mini is a component on offer alongside Bluetooth portable speakers and ThinQ-based smart speakers, and this particular device includes a compression horn for crisper, more refined audio.

The speaker is also a recipient of a new LG feature called Karaoke Star, which suppresses vocals on the majority of standard tracks for karaoke sessions. 

Via: LG

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GoSun Fusion solar cooker

A very interesting cooking gadget which is potentially suitable for trips on the road and camping is the GoSun Fusion cooker. 

The cooker operates purely through a solar panel and power bank and the product's vacuum tube design not only converts the sun's rays but also insulates food to keep it warm. 

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D-Link Exo Series

A set of new routers on display this year at CES is D-Link's Exo Series. Comprised of the DIR-3060 AC3000, DIR-2660 AC2600, and DIR-1960 AC1900, these products are mesh Wi-Fi which boosts signal and coverage throughout the home, as well as reducing bottlenecks sometimes caused by heavy streaming and multiple, connected devices.

The Exo Series also include inbuilt McAfee cybersecurity protection and will be available in the first half of 2019.

Via: D-Link


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Harley-Davidson LiveWire

A motorcycle Harley-Davidson calls the "future" of the company, the LiveWire, shown off at CES 2019, is a concept two-wheeler electric vehicle with a clutch-free design, mobile connectivity, 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, as well as tamper detection and theft alerts.

The motorcycle is now available for pre-order with deliveries due to start in August 2019. Prices start at $29,799.

Via: Harley-Davidson

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