AMD and Packet kick off EPYC Processor Challenge

Get $250 worth of credit to try your workload on AMD EPYC at Packet, and get a chance to win "Free EPYC for a Year."
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Want to give AMD EPYC bare metal hosting a try? Packet, the leading provider of infrastructure automation solutions for developers, has unveiled a new program to make that easy.

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Packet recently unveiled a new " c2.medium" platform based on the 24-core AMD EPYC 7401P processor, combining that with 64 GB of RAM, dual 120GB boot SSD's, two 480GB SSD's, and dual 10G Mellanox Connect-X4 NICs.

The configuration, which is built on Dell's new R6415 PowerEdge line, is available on demand in four global locations - Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sunnyvale, CA, and Parsippany, NJ - for $1 per hour or $730 per month.

The platform supports Ubuntu 17.10 and 17.04, as well as custom iPXE scripts.

"We're incredibly excited about EPYC processors - and we know users will be as well once they try it," says Sam Machiz, VP of Business Development and all-around hardware guru at Packet. "That's why we've had so much fun working with our friends at AMD to craft an incentive program that we know will appeal to both long-time AMD fans and newcomers alike."

Here's what the EPYC Processor challenge consists of:

The AMD EPYC Processor Challenge at Packet offers users USD$250 in initial credit towards kicking the tires of the new system. Users who publish detailed teardowns comparing EPYC to their previous setup can receive another $1,500 in credit and will be entered to win a year's worth of free EPYC processor usage at Packet (not to exceed $50,000).

"The EPYC Processor Challenge is exactly the kind of aggressive go-to-market splash that users have come to expect from AMD," said Dan Bounds, Senior Director of Datacenter Solutions at AMD. "As our momentum continues to grow with customers looking for a fresh approach to their workloads, we're excited to collaborating with Packet, bringing the no-compromise performance and value of AMD EPYC processors to a new generation of users."

Full details about the EPYC Processor Challenge at Packet can be found at http://www.packet.net/epyc.

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