Fitbit launches Fitbit Care platform for health care plans, expands Humana partnership

The effort is ​a big move into recurring revenue and using ​Fitbit's data to become more of a software provider in the health care ecosystem.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Fitbit launched a platform called Fitbit Care to connect health plans, wearables, employers, health systems and coaching. The company also said Humana has selected Fitbit Care as its coaching platform.

The effort is a big move into recurring revenue and using Fitbit's data to become more of a software provider. For now though, Fitbit's primary business rests on device sales and the popularity of smartwatches like the Versa.

Fitbit Care takes Fitbit's data and the tools from the Twine Health acquisition. Fitbit is still a large wearable and fitness player, but Apple and its Apple Watch is increasingly focused on healthcare outcomes.

With Apple likely to take the Apple Watch into corporate wellness programs Fitbit had to roll out more of its vision. Fitbit Care will feature digital interventions and coaching through the new Fitbit Plus app.

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According to Fitbit, Fitbit Care will be available through its business-to-business unit called Fitbit Health Solutions. Humana will use Fitbit Care for its employer group. Humana has more than 5 million members via companies.

Adam Pellegrini, general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions, said Fitbit Care is designed to support the company's more than 1,600 enterprise health customers and the various health plans that connect them.

Fitbit Care includes:

  • Wearables and devices for self tracking of activity, sleep, heart rate. This data serves as the basis for personalized care. Humana will offer members personalized watch faces.
  • Digital interventions via support tools, challenges, private groups and guided workouts. Enterprises can provide employees with motivational tools.
  • Fitbit Plus, an app that serves as a health coaching tool. The app also connects metrics with health care data, medications and trended activity.
  • Health coaching and virtual care. Coaches will work with participants to create personalized care plans. Coaches will connect with individuals via app, phone and in-person meetings. Weight management, smoking and management of conditions like heart disease, diabetes and depression are core topics.

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