Micron kicks off volume production of next-generation high-performance GDDR6 memory

The next-generation high-performance GDDR6 memory will find its way into a variety of markets, spanning from networking to automotive to the graphics market.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Micron Technology has begun volume production of 8GB GDDR6 memory which brings with it greater performance and lower power consumption.

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GDDR6 memory has been designed from the ground up to be optimized for a variety of applications that require high performance memory, including artificial intelligence (AI), networking, automotive and graphics processing units (GPUs).

Micron is aiming GDDR6 at four different markets:

  • Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning are memory intensive applications that require more bandwidth from memory solutions, where GDDR6's higher bandwidth will be used to accelerate AI in applications like computer vision, autonomous driving and the like.
  • Graphics -GDDR6 will deliver enhanced graphic memory speeds to enable higher application bandwidth to high-end GPUs, benefitting many applications, from 4K video rendering, VR/AR and crypto mining applications.
  • Networking - Advanced networking technologies require access to high speed/high bandwidth memory. GDDR6-powered smart Network Interface Cards (NIC) enable significant improvements in network bandwidth.
  • Automotive - Auto manufacturers building autonomous vehicles need high performance memory is required to process the vast amounts of real-time data required to make this technology a reality.

"Micron is a pioneer in developing advanced high bandwidth memory solutions and continues that leadership with GDDR6. Micron demonstrated this leadership by recently achieving throughput up to 20 GB/s on our GDDR6 solutions," said Andreas Schlapka, director, Compute Networking Business Unit, Micron. "In addition to performance increases, Micron has developed a deep partner ecosystem to enable rapid creation of GDDR6 designs, enabling faster time to market for customers looking to leverage this powerful new memory technology."

"As demand for advanced automotive applications such as ADAS and other autonomous driving solutions grows, the need for high bandwidth memory in automotive will grow as well. Advanced high bandwidth GDDR6 memory solutions are a key enabling technology for autonomous vehicles and will be an important tool for the automotive industry as they develop next generation transportation initiatives," said Kris Baxter, vice president, Marketing, Micron's Embedded Business Unit.

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