Windows 10 Start menu problems: We'll fix them in late October, says Microsoft

Microsoft acknowledges Start menu critical-error warnings and says the issue will be fixed later this month.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft says it will fix a lingering broken Start menu problem that's been affecting Windows 10 users over the past few weeks. 

Early last week, some users began reporting that the KB4524147 security update was causing printer problems, while others said they were seeing a 'critical error' message stating that the Start menu isn't working. Some users resolved the broken Start menu by uninstalling the update.   

Then on last week's Patch Tuesday Microsoft released KB4517389, addressing the printer-spooler problem that surfaced after users installed an update on September 23, according to Microsoft's known-issues page for Windows 10 version 1903

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But while Microsoft acknowledged and appears to have fixed the printer problems, last week it hadn't found the Start menu issues affecting a large number of users. Nonetheless, it said it was investigating, according to Windows Latest.  

It has since spotted a post from a Microsoft engineer on the Microsoft Answers site who says a fix will arrive in late October. 

"We are aware of this issue and estimate a resolution to be released in late October," the Microsoft employee said in a post on Saturday.

The timing suggests that the fix could arrive in one of Microsoft's optional updates that usually happen towards the end of the month.

While that's sort of good news – of course, affected users would appreciate a faster fix – the recent run of issues following Microsoft's Windows updates is causing confusion even among Windows technical experts

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In the meantime, some users have reported fixing the Start menu error by uninstalling both October 8's KB4517389 update as well as the earlier KB4524147 update. 

But, of course, that would mean uninstalling Microsoft's latest security patches. Fortunately, the October 8 Patch Tuesday update was relatively light and there were no fixes for zero-day flaws under attack.

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