Google planning big changes to the way Chrome tabs work, but you might not notice

The change is either going to annoy you in a big way, or you won't notice.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Google is planning to carry out a major decluttering of the tab options that users are presented with when they right-click on a tab in the Chrome browser. And you're either going to hate these changes, or not notice them at all.

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Google has killed off four tab options in the latest Canary preview nightly build aimed at developers. Gone are the following options:

  • New tab
  • Close other tabs
  • Reopen closed window
  • Bookmark all tabs

In my experience, the number of people who use these features is pretty low, with most people surprised that these options exist. That said, the last time Google floated the idea of culling these options, user outrage was high, and the search giant gave in to pressure. 

Not all features and changes in Canary builds make it to the final release so that Google may back down again. If you use these options, then my suggestion is that you start learning and using the keyboard shortcuts for the options you need.

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