Micro Focus rolls out Vertica 9 following HPE deal close

Micro Focus launches the latest addition of Vertica, the big data platform acquired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Micro Focus, which recently acquired Hewlett Packard Enterprise's software unit, launched Vertica 9, a big data platform with new algorithms, models, data preparation and workflow tools.

Vertica was among HPE's better-known software products. Micro Focus is making Vertica 9 available on Google Marketplace and enhanced Microsoft Azure integration.

HPE Software and Micro Focus complete $8.8b spin-merger

Meanwhile, Micro Focus launched a beta of Vertica in Eon Mode, which evaluates compute and storage separation for Amazon Web Services. The combination makes Vertica analytics more available to AWS S3 users.

Add it up and Vertica 9 is looking to large cloud providers to broaden its reach. Among the key additions to Vertica 9, which will be generally available in October:

  • Increased query performance and native integration with Microsoft PowerBI, Cloudera Manager and Apache Spark 2.1.
  • In-database machine learning for categorization and better processing speed.
  • Improvements to management of historical data.
  • A new HDFS Parquet writer.
  • Flattened tables for complex data joints across multiple tables.


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