Samsung Galaxy Watch: Rumors, features, price, and release date

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy Note 9 on Aug. 9, but if all the latest rumors and leaks are true, we can expect a new smartwatch to be unveiled, too. And it won't be a Gear-branded device.
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Samsung appears to be getting ready to announce an all-new watch: Galaxy Watch.

It's been a while since Samsung released a smartwatch, with the last models being the Gear S3 and Gear Sport, but rumours and leaks have indicated the company is about to introduce an update. Only, instead of using the Gear brand, Samsung will try a different approach. It will reportedly take its widely recognized Galaxy brand name, normally seen on its flagship smartphones, like the upcoming Galaxy Note 9, and extend it to its next smartwatch.

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Here's what you need to know.

(Image: Screenshot by CNET)

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Name

  • Samsung is ditching the Gear brand
  • Wants to extend the Galaxy brand to new watch

The Gear S3's successor -- Samsung's next watch -- won't be a traditional Gear S4. Reports have claimed the new wearable will be called the Galaxy Watch. Leaks have given credence to those reports, too. For instance, a screenshot, recently sent to and published by CNET, showed a search result on Samsung's website for a yet-to-be announced Galaxy Watch product.

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Another piece of evidence comes from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. The Galaxy Watch logo recently went through there, and, as you can see, it shows the Galaxy Watch branding in the same familiar font that's used for all of Samsung's other mobile Galaxy products.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Design

  • Circular display and metal body
  • Two physical buttons on the right

The screenshot published by CNET was our very first look at the watch. And, honestly, it looks quite a bit like the Gear S3 and Gear Sport -- right down to the circular display, metal body, and two physical buttons on the right. The model depicted is a 42mm rose gold variant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Features

  • Will definitely have a Bluetooth model
  • Two different sizes and more battery life

Bluetooth (and LTE?)

Looking at that screenshot published by our sister site once again, we can glean that the model shown is specifically earmarked as having Bluetooth. Can we can assume then there will be different models, such as an LTE version? We think so.

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Also, according to SamMobile, Samsung's Galaxy Watch will definitely ship with LTE connectivity so that you'll likely be able to place calls on a cellular connection.

Two different sizes

Moving on, according to aSamMobile report, Samsung is planning to offer two sizes of its Galaxy Watch: One will measure 38mm, and the other will come in at 42mm, which is fairly standard for smartwatches. Even the Apple Watch comes in two sizes.

A bigger battery

An XDA Developers report claimed Samsung will increase the size of its typical smartwatch battery from 380mAh (found in the Gear S3) to 470mAh for the Galaxy Watch. If true, that would theoretically make the Galaxy Watch one of the longest-lasting smartwatches available. It might even last several days on a single charge.

Additional specs

Finally, we've also heard the watch will have a blood pressure measurement system, and it might even sport a "new UX interaction" to replace the rotating bezel found on Gear S2 and Gear S3.

Tizen OS on Gear S3 Frontier (Image: CNET)

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Software

  • It will run Tizen OS
  • Or maybe Wear OS!

A report from SamMobile claimed Galaxy Watch will run Samsung's home-grown Tizen mobile operating system -- rather than Wear OS. But rumors have suggested otherwise, too. For instance, reliable Samsung leaker Ice Universe shared on Twitter that Samsung's next smartwatch will run Wear OS. Another leaker, Evan Blass, has suggested otherwise, though.

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Keep in mind the last time Samsung released a watch with Google's wearable OS -- formerly called Android Wear but now called Wear OS -- was in 2014 with the Gear Live.

So, who knows?

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Accessories

  • Wireless Charger Duo has leaked
  • It will charge a phone and a watch at once

Thanks to prolific leaker Roland Quandt, we know that Samsung has developed a new accessory called the Wireless Charger Duo. It appears to be able to wirelessly charge two devices at the same time, as it will support "charging the phone and Galaxy Watch."

And, yes, that's further confirmation of the Galaxy Watch name.

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Amazingly, the charger also recently popped up at an Amazon press preview event, where Gizmodo was quick to capture the device in all its glory. It's powered by USB-C, and if you look at the label shown, it seems to be capable of delivering 12W to both devices.

The charger, which is expected to cost around $110 when it launches, has two charging options: One that can hold a phone and allow the screen to be propped up, as well as a flat one, which would be perfect for a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch.

(Image: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Release date

  • Expected to launch on Aug. 9
  • Could appear at IFA 2018, however

Samsung has an event scheduled in Brooklyn for Aug. 9 -- and most people have assumed the company will announce the Galaxy Watch there alongside the Galaxy Note 9. If it is announced then, pre-orders should follow on Aug. 14, and it'll go on sale on Aug. 24.

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If that doesn't happen, as ZDNet Korea noted, look for the watch to debut at the IFA trade show, which will kick off in Berlin on Aug. 31. Samsung introduced the Gear Sport at IFA last year, after all. It has also sent out an invite to an IFA event, though the invite depicted various appliances like fridges and washers, which indicates it might not be focused on wearables.

Either way, it should start shipping soon after.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Price

  • Could be around $300 to $350
  • Depends on if it has LTE

Now, let's talk pricing.

If we look at past Samsung wearables, the Gear S3 launched with a $349 price tag. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and LTE costs $399.

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Unfortunately, there have been no concrete reports or leaks regarding the price, so we have to assume it'll be cheaper than $399. If we had to guess, it'll sell for around $300 to $350, but that all depends on whether it has LTE, which could drive up the price even further.

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