Veritas and Fortinet launch new security tools, automation features

Veritas NetBackup 9 is aimed at multi-cloud and OpenStack deployments and Fortnet's FortiXDR is designed to automate cyberattack response.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Veritas Technologies and Fortinet are rolling out new efforts to better secure and backup multi-cloud deployments and automate threat detection, investigation, and response, respectively. 

Veritas Technologies is launching Veritas NetBackup 9, which is designed to secure edge, data center, and cloud deployments.

The company said NetBackup 9 includes Flex Scale, a scale-out deployment option that plays well with multi-cloud deployments. The architecture behind NetBackup 9 brings a cloud experience to on-premise data centers and the ability to add nodes as needed.

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Veritas is also adding new deployment modes to NetBackup including options for cloud, appliances, and build-your-own-server, containerize options, and a hyper-converged offering.

NetBackup 9 new features include:

  • Policy automation to manage deployment, provisioning, scaling, load balancing, recovery, and cloud integration.
  • Auto-discovery of workloads as well more integrations via API.
  • OpenStack-based enterprise data protection via native OpenStack APIs.

Doug Matthews, vice president of Enterprise Data Protection and Compliance at Veritas Technologies, said that less than 10% of the customer base overall is using OpenStack technologies, but the company's largest customers are. "Multicloud is more ubiquitous in the enterprise, specifically large enterprises," said Matthews.  

Fortinet rolled out a new extended detection and response (XDR) offering that aims to use artificial intelligence to improve cyber attack responses. FortiXDR is cloud-native and expands on Fortinet's security fabric, services, and automation tools.

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According to Fortinet, FortiXDR is designed to cut through the security data clutter. The argument is that security teams are struggling with multiple vendors and information overflow. FortiXDR's AI engine is continually trained and informed by FortiGuard Labs research.

Features of FortiXDR include:

  • Contextual responses and filtering reduce the number of alerts across products by 77% on average.
  • Automation for complex tasks to save time and minimize human error.
  • Automation of incident investigation.
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