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Microsoft adds new mail, calendar, mobile features across its various Outlook clients

Microsoft is adding features like bill-pay reminders, meeting RSVP tracking, suggested event location, and other features across its many Outlook variants.

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The Outlook team is adding -- and planning to add -- a bunch of new features across the many flavors of Outlook starting now and continuing through the summer.

In an April 30 blog post on what's now known as the "Microsoft 365" blog (formerly the Office blog), Microsoft officials detailed the coming updates and provided timing for them.

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Outlook.com users are getting now the option of bill-pay reminders. For users who want this, Outlook identifies bills they receive in email and can automatically add a calendar event on the due date, plus provides a reminder two days before.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Outlook for Windows users are getting suggested event locations and meeting rooms. Microsoft explained:

"Once you start to type in the location field, Outlook suggests options based on Bing and then autocompletes your meeting location with the necessary information. For public locations, the rich location feature in Outlook adds the full address to your Outlook calendar event. Outlook for iOS will then use your current location, your destination address, and traffic updates to send you a notification to let you know when it is time to leave for your next event, to make sure you get there on time."

Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the Web users are getting meeting RSVP tracking and forwarding, as well. And all variants of Outlook are getting the ability to update details for big meetings (more than 500 recipients) down to the individual level.

Outlook for iOS users can now see the details of an organization's directory as part of their Outlook contact information, with more granular levels of detail available if a company's data is connected to Azure Active Directory.

On the "coming soon" list, Microsoft is adding the ability to draft a message in Outlook one one device and finish it on another. This capability will be added to Outlook for iOS in May; it's already available in Outlook for Windows, Mac and Android. Office Lens integration with Outlook is coming to Outlook for Android in May. Support for Office 365 Groups for OneNote and meeting events will be added to Outlook for iOS in June.

Microsoft's blog post has additional features and delivery dates listed for even more Outlook features across the many different product versions that are all named "Outlook."

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