Bagotte BG800 review: Affordable sweeping robot vacuum with optional wet mopping

Bagotte BG800 multi-function robot vacuum review affordable sweeping with optional wet mopping zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    7.6 Very good


  • Mop module delivers a good supply of water
  • Affordable
  • Easy to connect to app


  • Poor app map
  • Optional mopping module leaks slightly
  • Difficult to empty dust from mopping module

The Bagotte BG800 is a nice-looking robot vacuum cleaner with a simple-to-use functional app, remote control, and boundary strip.

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The BG800 has 2200Pa suction and will boost its suction power to maximum when it crosses from hard flooring to carpet.

Sold as a single-function robot, the replacement water tank and cleaning cloth is sold as an optional extra which works with a range of Bagotte robot vacuums: the BG600 Max, BG700, BG750, and the BG800.

This design compatibility is a really useful feature if you have more than one Bagotte robot vacuum in the household and wish to use the same water tank with different models of robot vacuum.

There are only three buttons on the top of the BG800: start/stop, spot cleaning, and a recharge button. The main power switch is underneath the unit on this model.

The box includes the robot vacuum, the charging base and power adaptor, and the dustbin. There is also a remote control and AAA batteries, a cleaning tool, filters, and four brushes (two are spares). There is also a user guide and app install manual.

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Connecting the Bagotte BG800 to the app is simple and fast. The app is very basic but has a couple of nice features. You can configure the suction level, set water status to 'small,' 'auto,' or 'big,' and set the cleaning path to 'auto,' 'random,' or 'spot.'

Bagotte BG800 multi-function robot vacuum review affordable sweeping with optional wet mopping zdnet

Eileen Brown

You can also command the robot vacuum to return to its charging dock. However, the map of the area swept or mopped is primitive, and you cannot store multi-level maps.

If you need to keep the BG800 out of a specific room, you can use the magnetic boundary strip at the entrance to the room and the robot vacuum will not cross that threshold.

You do not actually need the app, as the remote control will perform all of these functions well if you do not want to connect the robot over Wi-Fi.

You can connect the BG800 to Alexa or Google Assistant. Setup is easy and the robot works well when commanded to clean.

In use, the BG800 is non-verbal -- there's no annoying or soothing voice on this robot vacuum. Instead, you have to learn what each of the beeps and light combos mean.

There are beeps to indicate the suction power, schedule setting beeps, and beeps to let you know if the bumper is stuck, if its drop sensors are dirty (three beeps), or if its power level is too low (four beeps).

There are also beeps (and associated lights) if the wheel, side brush, rolling brush, or suction fan is stuck. Keep the manual handy to decipher the meaning of each beep.

The replacement water tank and mopping module is a useful add-on to the Bagotte BG800 and well worth getting if you want to mop your floors.

The mopping cloth wipes over the floor without vibrating or using any other fancy techniques favored by other manufacturers.

I usually whinge about the mopping cloths. They either don't deliver enough water, so they virtually dry-mop the floor, or they don't press hard enough on the floor to wipe up any dirt.

The BG800 is certainly a wet mop. On the 'auto' setting, the tank will deliver loads of water through the cloth. After mopping three rooms, I needed to refill the tank.

I had a slight issue when I picked up the BG800 to move it to another room: as I was carrying the robot, a little water leaked out of the water tank at the side of the module.

This could be the reason why I also found water in the dust bin too, which made the debris hard to empty from the dust bin. There is no easy way to get the debris out. There is no clip, no quick release, and only four screws. I had to rinse out the debris from the mopping module.

However, I tried the mop several other times and could not replicate this issue. But the mop does get really dirty -- more so than other mops I have tried.

I think this is due to the extra water used to mop the floors, which could be why I the mopping module for the BG800 robot vacuum is more impressive than other robot vacuums, which hardly wet the floor at all.

However, the floor is certainly too wet to walk on for a while when using the 'auto' and 'big' settings. There's also a notice on the mopping module warning not to charge the robot with the mopping module fitted to the BG800 main unit.

All in all, for under $200 the Bagotte BG800 is an efficient robot vacuum with good suction, an app, and a remote control.

The optional replacement water tank and cleaning cloth is a must to turn this affordable robot vacuum into an efficient multi-function robot that sweeps, mops, and cleans hard floors really well.