Cisco, AWS pair up on Kubernetes management

Cisco's Container Platform will harmonize with Amazon's EKS to manage Kubernetes containers on-premises and the public cloud.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Cisco said it will offer a hybrid system to run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services in a move that highlights how data center giants are forging public cloud partnerships.

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Combined with the effort to run VMware on AWS, the Cisco partnership gives the cloud giant another hybrid deployment hook.

The Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS aims to streamline the deployment of applications across multiple clouds. The joint effort configures on-premises Kubernetes environments to be consistent with Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS).

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According to Cisco, the Kubernetes on AWS effort combines its networking, security and monitoring software with AWS.

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Cisco said Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS will be available in December. Customers can buy a hardware and software bundle or go software only in one-, three- and five-year subscriptions. Pricing for software only starts at $65,000 a year under a typical configuration. Customers also pay 20 cents per hour for each Amazon EKS cluster they create.

In a blog post outlining technical details, Cisco and AWS said they collaborated on integrating the Cisco Container Platform with Amazon EKS. Enterprises on the Cisco Container Platform can launch Kubernetes clusters on AWS as well as on-premises. AWS Identity and Access Management is integrated so policies can apply to both environments.

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