CES 2020

This annual Las Vegas event brings together the tech industry to showcase the latest innovations in consumer and business technology.

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The coolest thing you didn't see at CES 2020

The coolest thing you didn't see at CES 2020

A stunning 8k, 3D display. And no glasses, thankfully, unlike the failed 3D TVs. Why didn't you see it? It wasn't on the show floor. But I did, high up in the Venetian, and I'm wondering why Apple doesn't buy these guys. Here's some, sorry, not 8K video of the display.

January 30, 2020 by

Dell announces a refreshed XPS 13 laptop

Dell has improved its webcam in the XPS 13, which it claims was the one complaint it received about the previous model, with the device priced at $900 and powered by a quad-core 8th gen Intel processor.

January 14, 2019