CES 2019 preview, upcoming phone leaks, and Pandora on an Apple Watch (MobileTechRoundup show #456)

As we start the new year, we look ahead to CES while rumors heat up for a couple upcoming phones. I also returned the Core m3 Pixel Slate so listen to the show to find out why.

CES 2019 preview: Separating facts from hype

Kevin is off to Vegas this week for CES while I head out to test a power meter for running. On MobileTechRoundup show #456 we chat about CES 2019 expectations, a product return, and more.


Image: ZDNet
  • CES 2019 is finally here. What we expect to see and what Kevin is taking along
  • It's likely most of the new 2019 phones will debut after CES
  • Nokia 9 Pureview with 5 cameras and Android One software looks awesome
  • Galaxy S10 leaked with pinhole screen
  • Matt is running with a new Stryd power meter
  • Apple Watch gets offline Pandora playback before Spotify
  • Why did Matt return his Pixel Slate?
  • There's a fix coming for the lagginess of the Slate
  • Need to edit photos on a Chromebook? Try Snapseed for Android
  • ASUS debuts its first Chrome OS tablet

Running time: 71 minutes

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