CES 2019: Intel’s Mobileye signs deal with UK mapping agency

Mobileye and Ordnance Survey have announced that they will collect and share map data for better management of infrastructure aimed at enabling smarter cities.
Written by Corinne Reichert, Contributor

Intel's Mobileye has signed an agreement with mapping agency Ordnance Survey in the United Kingdom to provide high-precision location data, which it said is aimed at attaining smarter cities and safer roads.

Announced during CES 2019, Mobileye said it will provide its automotive camera-based mapping capabilities to Ordnance Survey's geospatial technology to provide "a new, highly accurate, and customisable location information service" for energy, infrastructure, and other types of customers of Ordnance Survey.

With the deployment of 5G worldwide, the service will also support these new mobile networks for "a fully connected, digital Britain".

"Using maps to improve operations between businesses and cities will help bring us closer to the realization of smart cities and safer roads," Mobileye CEO professor Amnon Shashua said at CES in Las Vegas on Monday.

"Using the Mobileye technology, vehicles will gather sizable volumes of location data on road networks and roadside infrastructure," the company explained.

"The collected data is then cross-referenced with existing geospatial datasets, such as OS MasterMap, to help develop accurate maps of Britain's roads and surrounding areas with amazing detail and precision."

The data will be anonymised for privacy, Mobileye added, making it ideal for government and business customers.

For instance, utilities and telecommunications companies will be able to use the service to determine the location of infrastructure including manhole covers, lamp posts, and phone poles.

The deal was reached following a year of trials between the two companies throughout 2018, with Ordnance Survey equipping some of its vehicles with Mobileye 8 Connect and also integrating data collected by Mobileye into its geospatial database for the UK.


Mobileye, which was purchased by Intel in 2017 for $15.3 billion, used last year's CES to announce that it would be launching 15 autonomous driving projects during 2018 across 14 car manufacturers.

In May 2018, it then announced being awarded a contract to supply millions of autonomous vehicles with its self-driving technologies.

Disclosure: Corinne Reichert travelled to CES 2019 in Las Vegas as a guest of Intel.

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