Google Pixel Slate: What to expect for this Chrome OS tablet

Forget the Pixelbook successor, we may see four variations of a Chrome OS tablet for the first time from Google.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Google's October 9 event should reveal the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, a Google Home Hub, and some kind of Chrome OS device. A couple of weeks ago, I posted the latest findings on this device, but with the event being held tomorrow we now know even more.

I bought a Pixelbook, see our full review, at the beginning of the year and it has served as my primary home/office computer with the Surface Pro 4 only being used to record the MoTR podcast. My Pixelbook is used in laptop mode 95 percent of the time so I am personally not interested at all in the tablet form factor Google Chrome OS device.

However, my MobileTechRoundup podcast co-host Kevin Tofel uses his Pixelbook in tablet mode most of the time and is very interested in a Chrome OS tablet. Several months ago he started a new Chromebook website and has spent many hours diving into Chrome OS code to find a ton of information on what we are likely to see tomorrow.

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What to expect

It's tough to keep anything hidden from people today with beta testing and developer testing of Chrome OS, hardware leaks from various parties, and more. Here's what we are likely to see from this new Chrome OS tablet tomorrow.

  • Name: While the code-name has been Nocturne, every indication is that this new device will be called the Google Pixel Slate
  • Models: The Pixelbook was available in three variations with two i5 processor options and one i7 option, with choices in SSD capacity. The new Pixel Slate will be available in four flavors, with Intel Celeron, m3, i5, and i7 processor options. Given these four processor options, we may see some options for various SSD and RAM sizes too so we could see a large range of pricing here.
  • Keyboards: In addition to the Brydge keyboard option we saw with Bluetooth connectivity, it now looks like there will also be a keyboard cover option that connects via the pogo pins. This looks to have a form factor similar to the iPad keyboard with a folding back that serves as the tablet kickstand.
  • Fingerprint scanner: The power button is also likely to serve as a fingerprint scanner, similar to what we see on Huawei laptops and older generation Sony smartphones.
  • Wake via voice: If a fingerprint scanner is too much for you then you may be able to wake up your new Chrome OS tablet with your voice.

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While I am not planning to replace my Pixelbook with the new Pixel Slate, there is a possibility since I am a huge fan of Brydge keyboards and the one for the Pixel Slate may be even better than I have on the Pixelbook. Are you interested in the Pixel Slate?

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