Lenovo unveils updated ThinkPad line up with Project Athena X1 Carbon

New 7th-generation X1 Carbon to be the first device from Lenovo with Project Athena certification.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor
Image: Lenovo

Chinese giant Lenovo has taken the wraps off its latest release of ThinkPad devices packing 10th-generation Intel CPUs.

Leading the line is the X1 Carbon, which becomes the first Lenovo product to have Intel's Project Athena labelling, which demands that devices are able to wake from sleep in under a second, and have battery life capable of 16 hours of video playback.

Lenovo is claiming up to 18.5 hours of battery life, and 80% charge is possible in an hour.

The 14-inch ultrabook remains around the 1 kilogram (kg) mark for weight, and is just under 15 millimetres (mm) of thickness.

Available in September, the 7th Gen X1 Carbon will begin at $1,480 before taxes.

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Arriving with an aluminium chassis, the X1 Yoga weighs 1.4kg and is 15.5mm thick, Lenovo said its convertible and supports the ThinkPad Mechanical Dock. The Yoga gets 18.3 hours of battery life and arrives with a ThinkPad Pen Pro.

The X1 Yoga is also available in September and pricing begins at $1,610 before tax.

Lenovo is introducing an L series of ThinkPad devices, with the L13 and L13 Yoga to be the first to arrive in October.

The devices are far cheaper, at $750 for the L13, and $920 for the L13 Yoga, and have decreased battery life and increased thickness as a trade off. The L13 is rated to get 14 hours of battery life, while the L13 Yoga is said to hit 12 hours.

Rounding out the line up are the T490 and X390: The T490 is 18mm thick, weighs 1.5kg, and has 15 hours of battery; the X390 is 16.5mm thick, weighs 1.3kg, and can hit 16.8 hours of battery life.

The pair are set to arrive in October, and cost $1,130 for the T490 and $1,020 for the X390 before taxation.

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Earlier this month, Lenovo previewed a trio of Chromebooks, including the 11.6-inch C340-11 convertible, the 14-inch S340, and the 15.6-inch C340-15 convertible.

In its first quarter results, Lenovo total revenue increased by 5% year on year to $12.5 billion, while operating profit surged by 90% to $180 million.

Not to be completely locked into the Intel ecosystem, Lenovo recently announced servers based on AMD's 2nd generation Epyc chip.

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