Building windows powered by algorithms: View launches SmartProtect, an IoT security system for smart windows

View, the company behind Dynamic Glass, is leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT and Digital Twin services to make buildings smarter when glass breaks.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

View, which makes dynamic windows for smart buildings, launched View SmartProtect, a physical security system that notifies building managers when there's a glass breakage.

View SmartProtect uses Microsoft Azure's IoT service and Azure Digital Twins to deliver glass breakage detection and notification. SmartProtect sends a signal through Azure Digital Twins notifying a customer a time, window and location where a glass break occurred.

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According to View, which is selling SmartProtect as an add-on to its View Dynamic Glass, the system has coverage on all glass surfaces, requires no additional sensors and offers a real-time dashboard.

View's Dynamic Glass allows more daylight into buildings and office spaces while reducing glare. The goal is to reduce the need for blinds, optimize daylight and save on energy costs. View also pitches its Dynamic Glass as a wellness play that can make employees more productive.

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SmartProtect represents View's first service on top of its Dynamic Glass. View plans more services on top of Dynamic Glass with personalization and wellness, digital security, connectivity and collaboration as possible, said Erich Klawuhn, vice president of product management at View. "When you have that digital skin on a building there are other applications," he said.


Klawuhn said the company's algorithm--dubbed Intelligence--tracks sun and cloud cover to control glare and heat load. View sees human productivity as its primary return relative to energy. Klawuhn said View has been working on algorithm since the product was started. View Intelligence integrates with enterprise building management systems (BMS).

"We started with sensors that just measured light level on outside of building. Through that learning we learned it was an inferior way to control the glass because you'd need a sensor for every zone. Each building has 100s of zones and doesn't take into account occupants," said Klawuhn. "Today we create a geometric model for solar tracking, occupants and space. We have more daylight with the new algorithm."

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View releases algorithm upgrades about once a quarter, he said. The upgrades are added as new conditions are experienced. In a nutshell, the skin of a building--the windows--create an IoT network.

Here's how Smart Protect ties into Microsoft Azure.


On Nov. 2, View announced a $1.1 billion investment from the SoftBank Vision Fund to meet demand. To date, View Dynamic Glass is installed in 35 million feet of buildings including San Francisco International Airport, Levi Stadium, CenturyLink headquarters and Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

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